Christmas in Pictures

Our Christmas was awesome 🙂

We started out on Christmas Eve morning with a breakfast double-date at Jam on Hawthorne. (photo source)

As the husband needed solo time at home to wrap his stocking stuffers for me, I played around over on Mississippi Avenue at Flutter, where I snagged a super cute vintage black handbag 🙂 (image source)

While Dan & I made dinner (a seriously delicious dairy-free lasagna with spinach salad on the side and an awesome organic Cabernet), we gave Ruby her gift a bit early – a “beef knuckle” that has absolutely blown her mind from the good folks at natural pet supply store, Mud Bay. We thought we’d have to limit her time but she tires herself out on it after about 10 minutes of happy gnawing (she’s not a big chewer), then naps 🙂

After dinner we made an attempt at a family selfie. Ruby of course didn’t go for our multiple tries at getting a good shot 🙂

Then like kids on their own for the first time, we broke the rules and tore into our stockings on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas morning :). The first gift I got was this hilarious mock pamphlet, How to Talk to Your Cat about Evolution, which we’d been cracking up over when we were out window shopping last week. The funniest part? I got this same thing for him in his stocking! Talk about being on the same wavelength 🙂

Having secured a new recruiting contract just days before Christmas, I decided to break our rule about not getting anything “big” and bought my hubby a new chef knife that he’d been dying for over at Hawthorne Cutlery. Considering my Henckel’s knives are in terrible condition (I’ve had the set almost 15 years so the chef’s knife is kinda pathetic), it was a good investment since he’s a chef now – and hey, his face lit up 🙂

We then konked out on the sofa watching a DVD, the holiday-esque favorite, The Family Man,

Sleeping in a wee bit on Christmas morning, we started out enjoying some awesome challah french toast with bacon and hot cocoa, then enjoyed a nice walk at the park with our girl.

As we knew our girl wasn’t going to be able to handle the length of hike we wanted to go on, we went out sans pup to kick off our hike at the Marquam Nature Park trail head.

The trail was not as quiet as you might think for Christmas Day. We saw a fair number of folks with the same idea, but the weather was perfect: a bit chilly but just a bit misty so you couldn’t feel it under the canopy of trees and warmed up quickly with the climb up the hill to Council Crest, the highest point in Portland.

We did the second half of the Marquam Trail to Council Crest hike, covering just under four miles, perfect for an afternoon hike before dinner. This would be us canoodling under a giant sequoia 🙂

Tree bark is rad. (Sequoiadendron giganteum)

After the hike we came home for some chill time with our li’l gal, who still steals my heart every time she offers me her paw to hold 🙂

…then we, thanks to our friends loaning us their Prius (in exchange for being their airport taxi) so we could drive down to the Pearl District for our Christmas dinner at Seres…funny, even having a car at our disposal during this time hasn’t changed our tune about staying car-free…our life is just fine without the hassle 🙂

Wandered around Jamison Square after dinner before going home and my promptly passing out midway through Love Actually. Nothing like a hubby who rubs your back every night and makes every day like Christmas 🙂

We watched and absolutely loved the movie Boyhood, viewed on Netflix (it’s not for rental yet, so we splurged and bought it as it was $12, less than 2 theater tickets). The only sad thing to me is that with a bit more care, they could have called it Childhood and added a bit more about his sister, who was fantastic in it and we both agreed we would have loved to see a bit more insight into her world. When this came out I remember thinking, isn’t it funny how a story about a boy’s life is “universal” yet if they had a movie about a girl growing up it’d be a “chick flick”. Patricia Arquette’s evolution was pretty incredible too, why was the title focusing on the boy? Turns out there’s an article asking the same questions, while still complimenting the film.  (photo source)

Falling in love all over again with our neighborhood – as I do every winter – walking down Ainsworth and seeing the bare trees in the linear arboretum against the sky. It’s chilly but relatively mild – we are glad to hear that it will dip below freezing soon. Well, for the garden’s sake at least! 🙂

But with that weather it means big snow in the passes, causing a bit of frustration as I might not get over as scheduled this week to visit the folks at Bend’s way-eco outdoor company Hydro Flask, who I’m talking to about possibly doing some recruiting work for in 2015. Crossing fingers!

But on a happy note, we finally spent the rest of our wedding present Powell’s gift card on two gardening books (used but in fab shape!), plus a shiny new 5-year journal for me 🙂


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