Week in Pictures

impatience for these blueberries to finish ripening! (i know it’s only May, but still!)

My hubby’s extra late shift on Saturday meant we had some time to do a li’l cleanup – hee hee – which then turned into an all out empty the entire garage, clean it and reorganize more sensibly and efficiently! I wish I’d taken a “before” shot but just imagine your “junk drawer” at home, multiplied by a hundred! We have a tiny “Model T” sized garage so it is more of a big shed than anything, but with my husband getting more and more into carpentry projects and me going nuts every time I wanted to get the reel mower out, it had to be done. We took out 75% of the scrap wood we had out and made decisions on what would be saved for repurposing or chopped up for the fire pit, with all the long pieces stored in the rafters so the “lumberyard look” disappeared thank goodness. But the big big big deal was going to Fred Meyer for a couple of awesome hooks & related doohickies that cost maybe $15 total. Our bikes hang on existing hooks we already had, and this special thingamajig for $4.99 that we screwed into the wall holds the wheelbarrow up like magic. We used existing long thick nails for the shovels, etc. Hanging things is fun.

This part really geeked my husband out which I did when he was gone. I lucked out when I bought my house that the garage already was powered up with the holey board stuff on the back (I forget what that’s called) so I got the little hooks to hang everything up and he was gleeful to say the least 🙂

oh and did I mention our first strawberry was eaten by moi? this year i gave them their own raised beds and got June-bearing rather than everbearing, and am so glad I did. I can always buy more at the farmer’s market later but for now want to get them en masse for canning!

And with the scrap wood (Eco Grandma, this one’s for you!), my husband finally built the trellis for our new climbing rose. It looks massive now but if you’d seen the rose in it’s former glory in it’s old location you’d understand why one this big was necessary 🙂


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