Weekend in Pictures


Happy sigh to look out on our garden and know that nearly everything is planted that can be planted. On the left side, 18 tomato plants surrounded by tomato-loving borage. Along the back fence, 36 (that’s what I said) pepper plants, both sweet and hot, 2 tomatillo and 2 ground cherries. In the holes of both tomatoes and pepper beds we have a bunch of basil varieties seeded in. In the middle beds we have carrots, romaine, 3 kinds of onions, two kinds of potatoes (with calendula as bodyguards), arugula, strawberries, leeks, blue corn, and a newcomer – okra! The latter is dependent on global warming – if we have another crazy long summer season, they’ll do alright. We’ll see. In the very center is Dan’s flower garden with coneflowers, gladiolas, lupine, lemon verbena and more. In the back corner we just planted 6 cucumber starts (my mistake, spacing and not realizing that there were 3 in each pot), 2 zucchini (skipped it last year and realized how much I missed zucchini noodle salads in the summer!), sunflowers, rose-of-sharon hibiscus, a snow gum, and lots of hostas and gardenia. On the wooden trellises, scarlet runner beans which in 2 weeks are almost 5″ tall. Whew!!


Clematis. Awesome. Two are thriving, one curled up and wilted but Dan is trying to revive it as the roots appear okay. We’ll see….


We both forget what this flowering shrub is we planted last year in our front yard. Anyone out there who can remind us? We love it 🙂


Yay! One of our many new fuschia plants is just beginning to bloom, this one called lady’s eardrops.


Today was our last day of SMART for the school year. This is one of my kiddos, a kindergartener who has impressed me so much as she came out of her shell and grew to become a fantastic reader who adores books! For the last day the tradition is for the kids to write on a bookmark what they liked most about SMART, and give it to their reader. My girl pictured here also drew me a picture of she and I. Awwww!! Dan & I really love what volunteering does for our souls and connecting with these kids makes us better humans. And hey, when his first girl asked me and Dan, “are you the mommy and he’s the daddy?” we both grinned from ear to ear 🙂


And my roses continue to bloom…every time a rose blooms it reminds me of my dad who inspired me to grow them in the first place.


A present for myself 🙂 Whenever I fill a position I get myself a li’l something and this is Quan Yin “serves as a symbol of mercy, fertility and compassion. According to legend, she hears the cries of the world and offers comfort and solace to all living things.” From my favorite eco store Viva Terra, she’s made from volcanic ash and adds nice serenity to the garden near a shady spot where I’ve recently began meditation.


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