Weekend in Pictures


Fried chicken, pork spare ribs, collard greens, mashed potatoes and leek/squash bread pudding as a special late night treat for my hubby at Bernie’s Southern Bistro (photo source)


Had our first sips of chai latte from our case of Prana Chai!


Used up some of our fresh pumpkin from this year’s garden to make delish pumpkin & spice pancakes, making them on my grandpa’s pancake grill. YUM!


lovely night sky!


We (and our refrigerator) were banished to the living room while we had our kitchen floors refinished after I pulled up the black & white stick-on tiles 2 years ago, It was a bitch of a process as the contractor forgot we’d asked for a low-VOC water-based finish, and did the first coat with HIGHLY toxic & flammable “Swedish” finish, stinking the house up with formaldehyde odors, giving me a massive headache and forcing all of our windows & doors open on a 29 degree day. Along with that I had to get myself and the dog to safety and not wanting to leave my house with everything open, it meant working on an outdoor project all bundled up, she with a bone and me working fast with a shovel. The after the water based version was applied today, we realized while it was drying that we had no utensils! So my husband decided to make a bowl cereal using a glass storage dish and eat it with a giant ladle 🙂


The last part of the weekend involved extricating my husband from a “training” where the group who set it up turned out to be a cult and a pyramid scheme, pressured to attend by our (now former) therapist calling it a great retreat for men. I will write about this more later, but it starts out with them stripping him of his name and turning him into a number (above), continues with food & sleep deprivation, misogynistic talk about women, forced nudity and constant pressure into groupthink, and ends with me following my gut after they didn’t want me to talk to him when I called (they had confiscated his cell phone and attempted unsuccessfully to get him to remove his wedding ring) and after doing a lot of research, getting a car to drive out there and get him the hell out of there. He was so relieved to see me and said another man had left shortly before I arrived. And on his way out? The Australian therapist who had for some reason decided to lead THIS particular “training”? Insulted who I was to my husband as he left. Disgusting sick freakish bastards. Very similar to Scientology where they use subtle mind-control. And yes – oh yes – I will be writing much MUCH more about this cult and it’s tremendous damage to so many participants (even suicide for at least one former attendee). For a bit about what happens, read this article for an undercover account. It’s very accurate.


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