Weekend in Pictures

This weekend I had the most lovely time away from regular life at the coast for a Warrior Flow Wellness Retreat, hosted by my favorite yoga instructor, Jennifer Oechsner, at a huge house in Lincoln City. Along with 4.5 hours of yoga ranging from gentle to flow, mixed with meditations, we also received massages by none other than my favorite massage therapist, Julie Campbell of Written on the Body. Oh wait, and did I mention Brittney from New Seasons Market was our chef for the weekend with tons of fresh, local, organic ingredients to nourish us during this time?

Needless to say, it was wonderful and really an honor to get to spend time with ten (eleven?) interesting, smart, and creative women who bring so much to the world we live in. Along with that, it was nice to have it set up so that there was enough unstructured time to get to take solo walks on the beach, sit at the window and write, curl up on the sofa and read, and just sit around and talk with other women you may have never otherwise met and get to know each other. An unexpected surprise for me was making a vision board, as it really made me contemplate my intentions for the coming months and years. What does my world look like now and where is it headed? How have my priorities shifted and what do I need to let go of so that I may explore and create new bliss?

Here are a few things I saw while out on the beach, from the early Saturday morning fog to its rainy afternoon to Sunday morning’s windy nature to the last minute walk through afternoon sunshine…




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