Weekend in Pictures

Hiking the trails near the railroad tracks by Cathedral Park in North Portland and caught this view of the St John’s Bridge. Lovely! Hubby & I are doing a “city hike a week” and are diggin’ it!

Dan’s celebratory jig shortly after finding out his employment authorization card is being printed & mailed! Wheee!

Beauty in every way – congratulations to our friends Peter & Rebecca on their recent nuptials along the Oregon Coast! She sent me this snapshot which just gave me chills knowing their story and great love for each other. Can’t wait to catch up with them next week when we’re down in Oakland!

the rad-tree-trunk-obsession continues, this one at Cathedral Park.

Vegan & Vegetarian goodness at Proper Eats – the tempeh bacon sandwich was soooo tasty! (photo source)

Saturday’s harvest from the garden (that greenery is lemon verbena I’m bound and determined to do something with!). Yumyumyum!!!

Hiked up the hills of Mount Tabor Park and on the way down got to show Dan the reservoirs where much of Portland’s drinking water – best in the country – comes from. Pissed that the feds are forcing us to cover these up because of the quality of other cities’ water.

I made chicken with tangy peanut sauce on zucchini noodles – perfect on summer nights!


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