Week in Pictures

Noice! Lunch at The Oregon Public House where my husband just started volunteering! They are a 100% nonprofit pub – awesome food, great cause, and right in our neighborhood, yay!

painted our dingy gray stairs black and white with the help of Rodda’s zero-VOC Horizon paint. And hope we never have to paint these ever again – nothing like painting stairs and losing access to your basement for 24 hours to make you think carefully ! 🙂

sunflowers are happy happy happy!

PDX Skillshare was this Saturday, where one of the classes I took was in book mending – so cool learning easy cheap ways to fix old books. With my great-grandmother’s Elsie Dinsmore books that are well over 100 years old, I’ve got a ton of projects to do this winter in this area!

Woo hoo! Garlic harvested and we’re just beginning the curing process.

These gypsy sweet peppers we’re growing this year for the first time are really taking off – we have 6 or 7 plants and they’re by far in the lead. Love that they go yellow to orange to red, bypassing the (IMHO) yucky green phase completely 🙂

To my husband’s delight, the arbequina olive tree is full of these li’l guys. I’m apathetic when it comes to olives but he’ll be eating them right off the tree, I’m sure.

yay! finally enough fingerlings and red potatoes to make a delicious German potato salad that will include homemade parsley and locally produced bacon and eggs. (mouth is watering….)

my second try at growing tomatillos, this time in a pot…they are again growing at a rapid pace…a few years ago I tried and while the little paper shell thingies were in abundance, absolutely no fruit was inside them! here’s hoping for normality because this gal wants to try her hand at making tomatillo salsa!! 🙂


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