Week in Pictures

Gorgeous weekend with SO much keeping us busy, it’s nice to have a lazy end of the day on Sunday to catch up on work, blog, and even some pleasant zoning out for a wee bit.

Hee hee I could not resist this li’l piggie watering can at Fred Meyer, made in USA so there ya go, I was patriotic this weekend.

Dinner at Pok Pok Noi involved the amazing papaya salad with shrimp & pork, along with wild boar with bok choy & sticky rice. Sweating from the heat and the food and then washing it down while cooling down with a mango alexander (mango, vodka, coconut cream). Dang that was tasty. (photo source)

Love staring up in the sky from our back yard with a cider in hand and hubby by my side…

Good husband, good weather, good life 🙂

Our backyard fire on the 4th got a bit tall, oy! Fortunately it mellowed quickly 🙂

Biked over to Mississippi on a gorgeous morning to have some pretty delish corned beef hash for me, biscuits ‘n’ gravy for he. Yum.

Noticed this pretty while picking blueberries on Sauvie Island.

Best way to avoid the summer heat while picking blueberries? Sit down under the bushes!!

Coho raspberries for the husband were picked in abundance. This is actually the only type of raspberry I can eat a wee bit of – I have never been a fan of raspberries but these were pretty tasty. Eight jars o’ jam canned thus far for the mister, and eight jars of blueberry/raspberry coming up next! Also froze 6 quarts worth for smoothies etc. Not bad at $2/lb!

Rode over to the mister’s workplace on Saturday morning for some last minute taking care of the chooks while the staff was out for the holiday weekend. They love him and I gotta say, it’s nice to see him getting the urban homesteading addiction 🙂

Making sure Salt ‘n’ Pepa, the Port City goats, got fed as well. Heehee.

LOVE the garden he has been helping out in – they have a CSA and just gorgeous veggies growing everywhere! Click here to read more about Project Grow.

And with all the chooks comes all the eggs 🙂

Independence Day was remarkably tame in our neighborhood compared to the war zone of years past. We were in bed by a decent time and while there were some ridiculous booms by the illegal fireworks around us that were horribly awful to the pups in the neighborhood, there were also a few pretty displays we captured right from our backyard seats 🙂 Probably our last year without a dog, so we figured we’d enjoy them this year as much as possible.

Ahh, love the summer sunsets after a day in the garden. Tis a good, good life we got here.

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