Week in Pictures

“In search of my mother’s garden, I found my own.” ~Alice Walker

There’s not enough I can say in my blogging that gets out everything in my soul, but I will say this. There will be more than pictures from now on, and more than green news and career tips and the like. There will be old school Aimee writing about the things that come to my mind as I’m walking or riding or staring into space. There will be more.

But I’ll also keep to my classic, some images from our weekend that were bits of bliss … you’ll never guess where I was… 🙂

First year growing lupine and very much in love with both the flowers and the leaves

morning dew

another newbie to the garden, crocosmia, to attract hummingbirds and others…

Love watching the Shasta daisies preparing to bloom…

We’re testing out global warming here in Oregon with an aloe plant on the front porch (for both looks and potential sunburns) and Vietnamese coriander which the hubby was craving 🙂

Sunflowers against our back fence now peeking over as they start to bloom!

Holy moly the sweet peppers are already going nuts! They’ll love this sunny week we’ve got coming 🙂

My hubby moved our compost bin back to the corner and then we worked together to build the path from the patio to it so I can still go barefoot to it. Yay!


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