Week in Pictures

the first aster of the year popping out for some sun

nice to get my garden grrl back up on the house!

And finally the house painting is DONE! Two weeks of backbreaking (or, shoulder-breaking to be more accurate) work makes us happy happy happy! Psyched that Pacific Power came to disconnect our power line at no cost so that Dan & I could take turns climbing up onto this tiny section of roof on the north side of the house, and to have help of a couple of friends (sweat equity is a great form of repayment!) on a few of the days too. This is to show off the whole house of course so the monstrous lilies are covering up the front of the house where the red and orange roses pop out so much now! Yay!

happy to see our little shady section behind the garage is getting super happy with lots of hostas and ferns!

Well, the yucca has apparently had babies, with 3 sets of blossoms! Always reminds me of Jack and the Beanstalk with how fast and high they grow 🙂

Super fun time at the Speakeasy Jamboree hosted by these and other good folks of Woodlawn Coffee & Pastry. The gals there all looked especially gorgeous in their flapper-esque-ness, and the cocktails and snackums were especially tasty! Our neighborhood rocks.

Trying out growing ginger for the first time, we’ll see how it goes!

Saturday at the St Johns Farmers Market, Dan & I donated a few hours of our time tabling for the super-cool Portland Fruit Tree Project , who I’ve been supporting for the past 5 years as a harvest volunteer, outreach gal, etc. Love that they donated over 30,000 lbs of fruit/nuts last year from local residents who open up their trees to harvest volunteers (half goes to the food bank, the other half to the pickers, plus tree care & food preservation workshops), and love telling folks about the good work being done!

Our jasmines are blooming and they smell delicious!

And it’s our one month wedding anniversary, wheeee! We celebrated it with our usual quiet Sunday coffee and New York Times, a trip to the nursery to find some more plants for the garden, and lunch at Crown Q who catered our reception. Mmm, ribs…

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