Week in Pictures

As part of our dog-sitting, our neighbors let us borrow their car so we took Roxy with us out to Tryon Creek on the other side of town to enjoy a lovely hike on a rainy day. It was Dan’s first time and I hadn’t been in many years so fun to see where I’d often done “nature hikes” back when I was a Camp Fire Girl. This berry shot was snapped by Dan as my camera battery died at the start.

Harvested a ton of bok choy from the garden – our first time growing it as it was part of our wedding gift from a neighbor. Managed to make a batch of Bok Choy Kimchi which is currently fermenting in the basement, as well as cooking up some Ginger-Sesame Bok Choy to have with chicken for dinner one night. YUM! It grows super fast and unlike chard, I like both the stems and the leaves. Of course like all greens, a huge cutting of it cooks down to a microscopic amount 🙂

An entire bed and a half (28 plants in all) dedicated to sweet and hot peppers. Dang that’ll be tasty!!

So loving the new fence on the north (left side) side of our property, where before this a large section had collapsed after the neighboring property was torn down (grrr…). All better now!

And last but not least, the sweet girl who does this every morning when we come in to wake her up. It was so fun dog-sitting her again, and we can’t wait to get our own pup this fall!


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