Week in Pictures

No official wedding photos back yet to share with y’all, but I snapped this shot on of my new husband at our brunch after the ceremony in Manzanita. The good folks at Bread & Ocean set us up on their private patio on a beautiful sunny morning, volunteering to make a custom menu of crepes with grilled veggies & ham (it was a gluten holiday for me!), fresh fruit, and great coffee & chai for the party. We were totally blissed out by the 65 degree weather there and coming home to Portland to 75 degrees and sunshine for our reception dinner and post-func pub stop. It was an incredible, perfect, beautiful, romantic, awesome day that blew away our expectations from start to finish.

Here’s a sneak peek though: this is the location where we had our ceremony, with the sound of the river and ocean in the background at Short Sands Beach. A former campground (which closed in the 1990’s after several storms took trees down over campsites, but fortunately I’d camped before many times with friends), Dan & I scoped out our favorite hidden site to say our vows with a few friends before walking down to the beach with everyone to play in the sunshine, take pictures, and celebrate. Yay for love!

this was the day that greeted us upon arrival to the coast…pretty cool huh!

And a silly snapshot my friend Amy (who also served as our officiant) took at our rehearsal dinner at Newman’s at 988 in Cannon Beach the night before – a lovely evening with wine, food and good friends. We not only toasted our love and our friends, but also raised our glasses to celebrate this past week’s overturn of the ban on gay marriage in Oregon. Knowing everyone is free to marry here is the total icing on the cake!

Dan & I worked our collective arses off spreading 2 cubic yards of sliver-free hemlock mulch from NW Compost Products (thanks to our neighbor for helping us out with his pickup) in the garden in both the front and back yards – so nice to get all our growing veggies, flowers, etc. all insulated to keep the moisture in as we near the start of summer. Pictured here are our false mallow, a few of our tomato plants (we have 18 total), basil and huckleberries.

After our Sunday breakfast at the cafe, we headed across the street to Dekum Street Doorway and picked up a new lemon verbena plant (mine died in the freeze this past winter) along with this lovely olive tree for Dan which we’re going to have in a pot on the back porch.

The peas are officially going insane – well over our heads and lots of blossoms and pods so now just waiting for them to plump up so we can harvest before chopping ’em down for pepper planting next month!

My favorite rose of the garden, Beloved, just bloomed for the first time of the season…love love love them, rain or shine….

And a tribute to my gram, the Double Delight, is just starting to take off in our front garden as well 🙂

And finally, Dan & I, rather than go to a hotel on our actual wedding night, put it off til the next evening, and went out to a quiet dinner just the two of us at Bluehour before checking in to a nearby suite. The lobster trio here was lovely, and it was nice to intro Dan to grilled clams, and toast each other with incredibly delicious cocktails. That being said, I think my hubby’s biggest memory was the giant cheese tray…


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