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OK I’m back in action for the most part on my blog after taking a week off to get over jet lag and run around town with Dan getting everything taken care of – Social Security, marriage license, shopping for essentials, and filling out lots of other paperwork as he’s applying now for his employment authorization and permanent residency once we make it official this coming Thursday.  All I can say is it’s soooo nice to be done with the back and forth travel and just have a bit of normalcy to our lives now.  Yay!!!  And hey, being in the garden with my honey every day can’t be beat – we are both so gung ho about that especially.  Here’s a bit from our last few days…

Wandered around the Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden on a perfect afternoon…

My sweetie loving all the flowers. We were a bit late to see all the rhodies in bloom but still got a lovely view of many.

Many of the ducks were napping 🙂

Even managed to catch an otter cruising across the lake, Dan’s first time seeing one.


Made it down to Short Sands to scope out various sites to have the ceremony at. Narrowed it down to 4 and of course being 4 days before the ceremony we’ve got to hurry up and decide heeheehee…

flower spotted along the path walking down to the beach

making each other laugh while wandering through the trees 🙂

peace on the beach…love finding what others have left behind…

debris from the tsunami in Japan still washing up on our shores here in Oregon…along with this pallet we also found a deoderant can and other smaller items all in Japanese print

Spotting these rocks in a huge tree trunk on the beach gave us some ideas…

Killer lunch over the weekend at Mi Mero Mole (photo credit)

This is actually from midweek, but wanted to share a bit of my last day of the SMART school year. I read with this smart, awesome kindergartener along with an equally great 2nd grader. It is so much fun and so rewarding, and I love that my fiance is now signed up to do it as well. Can’t wait for next year!

Finished up the weekend with massages (perfect for post-travel, pre-wedding!) for the two of us at Written on the Body. Dee-lightful! (image credit)

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