Week in Pictures

Tulips are still coming up in the garden – one of my favorite parts of spring 🙂

I forget what these are called, they’re another ground cover spreads happily every year…

Invested in new organic towels after my last two 20+ year old towels (yep, got ’em in college at Costco, pre-NAFTA when towels were still made in the USA) finally were turned into rags this weekend (the fella will be happy about this as we never have enough it seems!). They are not only made from organic cotton but are also free of  azo dyes, a carcinogenic chemical used in the textile industry, and is OE 100 certified.

My usual Sunday morning breakfast and perusal of the New York Times at Woodlawn Coffee included the special, pork belly with poached egg on lentils with chimchurri. Very interesting and pretty tasty, but I’ll probably return to my regular dish (GF of course) next week 🙂 Kudos again to Kelly the barista who always has my drink ready for me by the time I reach the front of the line!

Completely immersed in Gloria Steinem’s Revolution from Within. I’d always thought I’d already read this, so realizing I had not was a wonderful surprise. My friend Amy will appreciate that I am marking the hell up out of this book as there’s so much inspiration!! It sparked a conversation with my fiance as well about how women grow up reading books by male and female authors but men rarely are reading female authors. Needless to say, Toni Morrison and Gloria Steinem are now on his list of authors to get familiar with 🙂 (source)

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