Week in Pictures

A weekend without a fence is a trip! The old “Sanford n Son” one, as I called it, was dying so Friday they came by and tore it down. You see way more of your neighbor’s backyard than you wish while waiting for the posts to set, but as I write this, the slats are going up for a much sturdier, prettier fence!

It was a beautiful sunny weekend, so a bike ride over to Mississippi meant I found this pretty bracelet at pdXchange, a fair trade boutique with lots of other beautiful goodies!

And something for my fella as well of course – with our Supportlandia points, he got a free t-shirt from one of his favorite places in town, The Rebuilding Center.

Enjoyed a lazy lunch outside in the sunshine at Meesen Thai and had my favorite Yum Woon Sen salad with glass noodles, shrimp, peanuts, ground pork, chili, romaine and lime juice…delish! (photo source)

And oh my, made the mistake of starting to watch House of Cards, which then of course destroyed hours upon hours of the weekend (as of course it became a marathon). Dang that’s an addictive show!! (source)

Arugula is coming up in a pots like gangbusters! I’ve also got butterhead, spinach, and romaine growing, and prefer to do these all in pots which the slugs never seem to find 🙂

Wheee! The backyard fence is completed! I chose horizontal slats to make it a bit more modern – it was the same price so kinda fun. And it’s cedar, so it will look even better when it weathers to that nice gray. Great job to have this done so efficiently by Cascade Fence & Deck! Funny how doing these projects highlights how much ELSE needs to be done, ya know? Excited for tomato season!

Lilacs just getting ready to bloom…I adore their scent!!!

Peas are growing nicely 🙂 The heavy rains last month drowned many of them as they came up rather sporadically, with major gaps, so I sowed a bunch more in hopes they’ll fill in as I *love* shell peas – and it amazes me how many darn plants you need to freeze a sufficient amount for winter!

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