Week in Pictures

TONS of rain soaking already wet ground after the snow melted, and even though I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz walking home one day, this rainbow made it all worthwhile as I walked up to our house and snapped this shot 🙂

a rare moment with untangled wind chimes (my longtime favorite one from the legendary PDX repurposer, the Spoon Man). We had insane winds of 45-50mph right here in the neighborhood, causing cloches to again go flying (that makes two I have lost completely this year, grrrr), litter to be picked up that had landed in my yard, (ahh, the hood), and things to go bump in the night (oy!).

on a happy note, our daffodils are making nice progress so in a couple weeks we’ll have blooms!!!

The snowbells are in full bloom which is so lovely, I divided them a couple of years ago and think I may do it again this year, I just love their simplicity (and how early they bloom!).

With all the rain & wind, it was definitely a time to stay home and cuddle up, watch movies, and read. Very much diggin’ The Portland Outsider‘s success, a local free ‘zine in every New Seasons Market (and other shops as well), and one that I’m proud to have helped during it’s inception.

And during a rare moment of minimal precipitation, I got my garden shelves on the back porch all organized, woo hoo! For you garden geeks, that packaged stuff is bone meal, slug pellets (I’m off beer – these are just faster and cheaper and safe for organic gardening), epsom salts (thanks to my friend Rachel it’s my new BFF for tomatoes and peppers, not to mention slowly killing a holly stump in the front yard), liquid seaweed (for my potted dwarf fruit trees – it really seemed to help the peaches from getting leaf curl), and neem oil (the only way to go for natural aphid control on your roses when the dish soap spray doesn’t work). Now to ponder the indoor seed-starting that is impending, hmm…

Cabin fever kicked in so I grabbed a Zipcar and headed over to Garden Fever, my new favorite nursery since my friend Sandy closed up shop here in the neighborhood. And I was sooo psyched to find a garden hat that, for the first time, actually fits this noggin o’ mine. Now, spring, come on, we’re ready for you to shine on us!!

While I have two dress-shopping dates scheduled with friends over the next couple of weekends, I still couldn’t help but peek into a few boutiques as the excitement continues to skyrocket. Pretty dresses made from repurposed vintage fabrics? Yes please! Look for my Green Wedding Chronicles series to continue next week as I discuss this and other aspects of getting hitched. (photo source).

And finally, inspired by another friend’s gallery wall she posted on the social media, I finally got off my arse and started framing and hanging some of our favorite photos in our bedroom – and thanks to Dan’s suggestion that we use those cool Command velcro picture hanging strips, my issues with the walls of this old house are gone! (And if you geek out in organizing type stores, ooh yeah baby they have a ton of hooks, tapes, and other goodies to make your head spin) The two photos on the left are from our travels during our most recent month in Australia, and the ones of us on the right are from over the years both here in Portland and back in Oz. I’m saving a spot on the wall for a few new photos as well, of course, when we share the same last name 🙂