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For those not lucky enough to live in Stumptown, we had a beautiful crazy fun surprise in a sudden massive drop in temperatures mixed with snowflakes creating a long weekend (for most) by giving the area nearly a foot of snow topped off by an ice storm to make things both interesting and, in my opinion, totally rad.  While the Midwest and East Coast folks may laugh, for us this is a rarity, where we haven’t seen this much snow in five years (usually it’s one or two days where we get a few flakes, the city freaks out, the bad drivers emerge, and we’re back to work the next day – this time, it got serious in a hurry and for a town with few snowplows and lots of hills, it meant a long weekend close to home for the majority of us, whether we planned on it or not.). Here’s a few of the shots I snapped in the yard, on the street, and in the neighborhood (big awesome thanks to Woodlawn Coffee & Pastry for being the only place to open up every single day of the storm – and they were repaid by huge lines of grateful coffee drinkers!)…


I’m always a little obsessed with icicles during these rare times…




Ha – like snow will keep us locked in our houses! Woodlawners were out en masse, on foot, on two wheels, on skis, on sleds.


The day the storm came in, I watched this crow perched atop a wooden post in my backyard for several minutes, all puffed up and trying to figure out its next move.


Dekum Street one solid sheet of ice on Sunday morning after the ice storm hit. Fortunately not too many morons trying to drive it 🙂


Kind of a small bit of awesome, pulling this ice off the top of a plant in my yard sticking out of the snow and it keeping the shape of the stem and leaf…


Ice breaking off in big sheets. I did a serious second round of shoveling to clear the area around the foundation for when everything starts melting this week, and boy was it crunchy! 🙂


Spotted on the walk to Sunday breakfast…


Just as things were beginning to bud…


More ice storm beauty…


icicles on my deck railing


my house, day two (when you could still see the cloches in the front yard clearly!)


peaceful walk in the park


a real treat to spot this robin along my walk up in a tree


my sole attempt at a snowman – not easy as the snow was sooooo fluffy! but hey, gotta dig my chopsticks, washers, bent nail and 3 screws, right?


The next day, poor snowman was, well…umm notsomuch


Home of the hot toddy – my cafe really delivered the warmth to my belly on the first night of the storm when the temperatures were in the teens 🙂

So I always made fun of Dan for this hat and now I've officially swiped it as it's sooooo warm! Yay for Kangol :)

So I always made fun of my fiance’s hat and now I’ve officially swiped it as it’s SO warm! Yay Kangol 🙂


my pineapple sage in their garden cloches got quite the insulating blanket of snow – this shot snapped during the storm on the first night…


um those ain’t human…the raccoon tracks in front of my house…kind of eerie!


breakfast at the cafe in my ‘hood – it was packed with happy people! got the preface to my book done and loved watching the families going by with their sleds, dogs, even skis 🙂

one of the few items not fully covered in our front yard...it will be interesting to see what survives the sudden cold with all the wet (and warmer) weather coming our way

one of the few items not fully covered in our front yard…it will be interesting to see what survives the sudden cold with all the wet (and warmer) weather coming our way


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