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Kicked off the weekend having breakfast with my friend Jack. He and his partner and I all scored tix to Madonna this fall and it’s gonna be AWESOME! She only has been to Portland once before, in the mid 80’s during the Virgin Tour when all my friends went but I wasn’t allowed, grrr! But hey, 30 years later I get my chance! And man have the ticket prices gone up since then (let’s just say I paid THREE digits for this ticket, damn!)…but considering I go to a show once every couple years, I say it averages out. BTW click on the first link above to check her out singing “Dress You Up” on Ellen – so awesome. Her new album is really really good as well – the third now of hers that I only own digitally, so weird… (image source)

While the husband was working, I’ve begun the super unsexy process of demo-ing in the basement a couple areas to allow the plumbers in for our grand repiping project coming up in June, taking every 90 year old pipe they can and changing over to PEX. There are no recycling options for used drywall in Portland so unfortunately it goes to the dump, but the ceiling portion we are actually not going to replace afterwards as we honestly prefer keeping everything in the basement accessible for any future work and/or repairs. And the nice thing we realized is with our love of industrial-esque touches, we are going to try to repurpose as much of the piping as we can for creative projects! PS – Let me tell you, it’s kinda awesome bashing out a wall heehee 🙂

As we’ve looked at sooo many pictures on the addictive Pinterest (click HERE if you are interested in my latest obsessions!), we had originally thought we might want to go back to all white walls so I grabbed some leftover white paint to cover up the sky blue as the shower will be on this window wall. Boy oh boy did we not like the all-white vibe…lots of folks do the white subway tiles but for me it’s just too institutional. But glad I tried this way of experimenting – way more efficient than hoping a pinterest photo will equate your own room, and one little tile sample tells me zilch.

this from our wedding vows, a piece by raymond carver we wrote on the door, stays however 🙂

in the meantime, outside in the front yard these beauties greet us!

We decided to add some Aussie creatures to the rain barrel art as well so did this koala and also working on a kookaburra, kangaroo, and cockatoo 🙂

first rose to bloom in our garden, and surprisingly behind the rest of the roses in the neighborhood. This season’s been crazy!

Our new strawberry bed is super happy – our old one was along our (unused) driveway and just never thrived so we gave them their own dedicated spot!

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