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Friday morning was about Creative Mornings PDX, where Matt Wagner, curator of the upcoming book The Tall Trees of Portland (coincidentally produced by my friends over at Overcup Press) spoke about bravery in art. Haven’t heard of Creative Mornings? Google it – it’s all over the world, once a month, with all cities focusing on a particular theme and various creatives doing a TEDTalk-like presentation.

Stopped by best bookstore evah, Powell’s, and picked up a new journal for my upcoming holiday (I just HAVE to have a new journal each time I go a-wanderin’!). This time it’s EcoJot, supporting the work of Jane Goodall and made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Groovy! (source)

As anticipated, fell madly in love with the understated and incredibly well acted romantic comedy Enough Said, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and James Gandolfini in his last role before his sudden passing this year. It was so down to earth and utterly lovely. (source)

Then I walked over to the Heathman Hotel and enjoyed an old fashioned while waiting for friends to spend an evening enjoying the music of local jazz legend Shirley Nanette. I’ve known her personally and loved her music for over 20 years, and it always seems like the first time when I hear her lovely voice belting out a classic tune (my old favorite is All of Me, but adore my sweetie’s favorite, My Funny Valentine). She’s amazing.

Met a lovely woman and her daughter, who offered to take a picture of us before the show got under way. Yay! Even though I’m a photographer still at heart, I seem to forget the personal social occasions anymore, so this is a nice memory.

Another amazing Sunday breakfast with a friend at AND Cafe – this being their scrumptious Meatloaf Benedict. Everything there is available both gluten-free and vegan – the meatloaf is actually walnut – not meat – based, and I choose eggs over tofu, but either are phenomenal! (source)

Stopped by Saturday Marketnow in it’s 40th season (hey, like me!) to check out the work of our local artisans, and am currently in love with Tamara Adams animals. I have a lot of her paintings of women in my home (and my blog header/logo was created by her as well), and now the animals  are currently sparking my interest, as they make me giggle. 🙂 (source)

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