Week in Pictures

All summer long I was so excited to be signed up to take a holistic nutrition therapy weekend-long workshop through PCC. I got there, and: 1) the instructor decided not to show up, 2) the sub was 30 minutes late, then spent 45 minutes on intros because he had no idea about the program, content, etc – reading straight off the slides, and 3) I wasn’t even on the roster! Turns out there were emails students got with a syllabus, test, and paper to be written ASAP – all that I knew nothing about. PCC, while taking my money, assigned me in the system to the wrong class. So ultimately I had to drop out and request a refund – UGH! What a nightmare. I don’t feel bad as missing it when the sub said, in starting to talk about women’s health, that he was “glad he wasn’t a lady”. Sigh.

Meanwhile, my scarlet runner beans are still going strong – actually a bit frustrating as I’d like them to hurry up and dry on the vine so I can harvest them!

The mushroom varieties this year has been incredible. These brown buggers are everywhere…

And I can’t even explain these neon orange ones! (Any foragers out there familiar with this one?)

Just love the ones growing out of my old poplar stump in the backyard – the top “psychedelic” looking one has been there for over a year…

Fall colors continue, and the raking is in full swing in Stumptown neighborhoods !


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