Week in Pictures


just a simple tree in a neighbor’s yard caught my eye in the beautiful October sun…


how can one not fall madly in love with autumn?


pumpkin blossom in my garden


They are tearing down my neighbor’s house this week and it is making me quite emotional. Beverly died three years ago from brain cancer, with no family left to take over the house, so it was left exactly as it was the day she died – furniture and clothes in the closet and food in the pantry. i watched the back become overrun with blackberry vines, so much that there was no visible yard left, and meanwhile tried to keep the front yard from looking completely disheveled. earlier in the year someone finally came by and emptied out the contents, but it was done in a terribly disrespectful manner (a couple of kids hired to throw everything into a truck in return for being able to sell her stuff on Craigslist). During that time I went in and rescued her Brownie camera and donated her Georgia O’Keefe art book to the nearby cafe, so that her artistic soul could live on. This week, workers came by and stripped down the walls of her house, gutting it in a deconstruction-style process (better than a bulldozer), so I salvaged a few heavy doors (some of the only original remnants from the 80+ year home). I went to the back yard to find old items of hers that the first group must not have deemed good enough to take – her pink bathrobe lying on the ground, the collar of her funny little Boston Terrier, Bob (who I can only hope was adopted out to a good home as I was out of the country when she passed), ancient containers of dry goods, and among other things, this bit of makeup. it reminded me of her, and how life, even after it has ended, must be treated with sanctity, not tossed into the weeds.


Always loved the Thai Jar rainwater catchment system at the Woodlawn Community Garden – could use another coat but isn’t it lovely still?


ok so, readers, can you name what this is?


this sweet thing followed me all around the community garden as I snapped shots, reminding me of the little cat Omar on my street who spent so much time in my backyard keeping me company (re: Omar, first I thought he was a stray but found out he belonged to the people down the street, and sadly not long after I posted the pix of him on my blog, he was killed by a pit bull who had escaped his yard and attacked him in the street).


walking through the park in the morning, it was so quiet that you could hear the obsessive crunching by squirrels as they prepare for winter 🙂


there’s just something about crows, I am intrigued by them…


lots of gorgeous webs to be found on foggy mornings…


I love the texture of this tree trunk – is it intentional or is it disease? I need a tree person to help me with this one!


Woodlawn Park – the colors of fall overwhelm me, leaving me silent and wistful.


underneath the bridge


happy sigh


and another happy sigh…


I love Oregon


foggy morning


looking up

Dinner at Noble Rot - tasty bites, good wine, incredible view (but lackluster service and holy cow is it expensive!) - great conversation :)

Dinner at Noble Rot with a friend – great conversation, amazing view, tasty charcuterie and salad, good wine.  I will say though the service was very lackluster and holy cow is it expensive!  (image source)

The A's out on a Saturday night, 3D style. We saw Gravity - phenomenal cinematography, edge-of-your-seat moments, but the story was pretty minimal and how blatant was it having SB in her undies? I also thought the ending was cheesy and stifled, but it was a fun night out and a decent flick.

The A’s out on a Saturday night and hamming it up, 3D style. We saw Gravity – phenomenal cinematography with edge-of-your-seat moments, but the story was pretty minimal and seriously, Sandra Bullock in her undies for way too long – was that really necessary? I thought the ending was cheesy, but it was a decent flick and the company was awesome. 🙂


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