Week in Pictures

Lovely fall day at Portland State University, where I attended the Regional Livability Summit, bringing the topics of health, equity and sustainability together. While altogether I wasn’t as wowed as I wanted to be, I loved the food systems breakout session featuring local nonprofits including Project Grow (providing artistic and urban farming jobs for the disabled) and learning about the new Portland Mercado, a Latino-themed public market, that will be opening in 2014, and being around so many smart, creative, interesting people committed to furthering the well-being of my hometown 🙂

How do you not love this sweet penguin? Taken by my sweetheart at the aquarium – he has a great eye for composition, don’t you think?  And that reminds me, I can’t wait to go check them out on the beach in St Kilda when I’m in Melbourne this December!!

sweet potatoes under old windows to keep them warm – waiting for the last possible minute to dig them up and hoping this belated fall sunshine helps!

cut back my coneflowers and this bugger ignored me and grew anyhow. optimistic!

My sweetie’s first attempt at growing blue corn – planted way too late but it made a valiant effort!

Love seeing what other folks have in their yards while I’m on my walk!

Captured this beauty strolling through the neighborhood…

A little bit of awesome give ‘n’ take…

gorgeous October day at the park!

Hops at the community garden – I don’t like beer but dig how these grow!

Autumn. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Gotta love the crunch-crunch-crunch through the leaves!

walked by and am now totally inspired to build something like this in our yard! (err, totally inspired to have Dan build this for us!) 🙂

Second time I’ve taken this photo but it’s a nice reminder either way.  Today I wrote eight or nine pages in the first draft of my book.  Holy macaroni! 🙂

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