Week in Pictures

The sun came BACK! (this by the way is a fairly newly installed piece of art by Portland artist Lee Kelly – I stumbled upon this when I was walking to go pick up my bike from the shop)

So much canning this year it’s forcing me to be creative in my linen-closet-turned-pantry!

Every once in a while I’m reminded of how the now-named Pearl District used to look much different. A hint here at the new fanciness with a reminder of former industrial times.

Spent a marvelous half-day at Wordstock, attending a workshop on Kickstarter to fund book projects. Not only was it full of incredibly helpful information, from the pre-launch to the costs to the emotional upheaval of it all (before and after), I had the chance to meet the wonderful author in person afterwards, New Zealand native Rebekah Tyler. Her book, Full Tilt, is more than just a memoir and her energy and inspiration had me snapping up her book right there on the spot. I also attended one on self-publishing, but it was focused primarily on eBooks and novels, so it was definitely helpful but I still have a lot more to research on that side of things.  However, I get as much as I can out of these experiences, plus I was so high on life walking around there and learning so much from fellow writers, thinking about how I’m going to be spending my holiday focusing on turning my words into something publishable, and plotting how I’m going to do it!!  The PR Machine that I’m going to have to be when it comes to this book project will be fun AND exhausting!

And on my way out, check out her bike trailer Rebekah and her hubby brought out here to promote her book with – does she fit in PDX well or what? 🙂

My neighbors are painting their house – gotta love their temporary art 🙂

Conducted another awesome career coaching session, held at one of my favorite “conference rooms”, the Oregon Public House – even sat outside today! (photo source)

And as I was working in the yard clearing out blackberry vines and other debris this afternoon, a delivery! A box of lovely Verdun chocolates from a happy candidate. So nice!!