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well, the corn never hit it’s full potential but i’m going to leave it up and see if we get some more autumn sun for the few ears that are on it.  There’s a little French pumpkin sneaking into the photo, and next to the corn those are three huckleberry bushes that this year have really grown significantly compared to the prior year (but I’ve not seen berries yet, hmm…).

black peppers are doing fantastic along with the others – just need this strange patch of rain to go away and give us back our beautiful indian summer!

a different perspective of this section of garden…green beans, corn, and pumpkins (near right) with the pepper patch behind it, and the sweet potato raised bed (tented to keep them as warm as possible), with another pumpkin trellis (homemade from old branches) way way way in the background.  The super attractive black plastic is killing off another patch of lawn 🙂

And yes, this one pumpkin is trying to take over the world – that’s one crazy long vine!!!  Did I mention this was from a volunteer plant that popped up from the compost, and the tomatoes are NOT the cute little French ones I’m growing in another area of the garden? Go figure!

currently harvesting more chard than is realistic to ever eat, but i found a recipe for chard pesto that i’m going to try which should turn the hate back into love 🙂

Great dinner at Blossoming Lotus, an all-vegan joint with a ton of GF (and soy-free) options. Service was strange but the food was divine – great corn cakes for starters along with our cocktails, then my friend had awesome ratatouille and polenta, while I had the BBQ plate with mac & cheese, collard greens, and cornbread (all GF/DF!!!).   I can’t wait to return! (photo source)

Totally fun catching The Wizard of Oz on the big screen! It was IMAX so we had 3D glasses on but the flying monkeys weren’t coming out at us, so it was interesting to watch that way but nothing technologically mind-blowing by doing it this way. The best parts were just seeing everything up close compared to watching it on TV – oh and realizing that the flying monkeys were kind of, well, hilarious, and that half the munchkins were just little kids, not little people! (photo source)

Taking advantage of the rainy day, made up a batch of my famous Serrano Pepper Jelly – this year going for a trifecta of peppers: serrano, cherry bomb, and ancho.  YUM.

And last but not least, trying my hand for the first time at salmon jerky using the first gorgeous fillet of wild Alaskan sockeye from my Iliamna Fish Co share. I’m using Alton Brown’s recipe which includes GF soy sauce and molasses (drool…), but have modified it by using my oven at 175 for 6-8 hours instead of creating the apparatus he suggests, and I marinated the salmon in a glass dish, not a plastic bag (ziploc bags are NOT required for living, I swear!!!). Will report back!

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