Weekend in Pictures

Starting off the weekend beautifully, a bouquet of lilacs, tulips and irises from the garden my husband made for me. Love this man 🙂

And speaking of flowers, our irises in the garden are very happy 🙂

Saturday temperatures broke into the 70s and with that, my hubby was inspired to finish up his latest project of creating a house for mason bees out of scrap cedar and putting it up on the back of our garage to attract more of these awesome pollinators.

And great timing that there was this little event, right on the way to my hubby’s work (whenever my schedule allows, I ride with him to get much-needed exercise), so we “buzzed” (har har har) down there and talked with folks from the Xerces Society, coming home with not only a cool pocket-size bumblebee identifier AND great news that the local bee club will now be meeting in a new location close to home, yay! (image source)

Meanwhile, back at home, our three varieties of tomatoes that I started by seed in our basement (gotta say I loved how helpful the warming mat was in getting germination kicked off!) are now hardening off in two of these clear plastic bins, which acts like a mini-greenhouse. First time trying this and it’s been great!

Picked up some paint at Freddy’s and started decorating the new rain barrel! Painted it green and we decided that “good bugs” would be our theme (since the other ones have clouds and flowers). Found these ideas online and drew them freehand and then painted. Pretty cute eh?! Still have more to do, as Dan wants to do a spider and some others – fun fun 🙂

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