Weekend in Pictures

very brief as I was working a lot this weekend, but did manage to do a couple fun things…

Got registered for two workshops at next month’s Wordstock Festival! Psyched! (source)

Enjoyed Saturday’s Food As Medicine workshop at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, taught by my acupuncturist Beth Howlett. And she did a cooking demo to boot! Rad!

The food was great! Clockwise from left: mung bean sprout & black woodear mushroom salad, stirfried pumpkin & shrimp, and lychee fruit for dessert. We also had homemade miso soup (not pictured). Also, I gotta say I came in there with a yucky tummy (yay PMS) but left feeling GREAT after eating this. She really focused on the ways we can customize seasonal eating to our own body rhythms and needs.

at my table during my regular Sunday breakfast at Woodlawn Coffee…always nice to sit out in the little “alley” where it’s quiet and peaceful to get some writing done in my journal…


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