Weekend in Pictures

Special treat for my sweetheart – bread and butter pickles from the cukes (and garlic) in my garden. Tried out Rachael Ray’s quick pickles recipe – but had to amp up the vinegar in the recipe as hers was very obviously not for canners (but the reviews were fab so had to try!)

Love love love this photo that Dan took at the beach during our recent holiday and just rediscovered. Always love seeing the natural world through his eyes 🙂

And yes, more pickling – this year’s new addition to the garden, cherry bomb peppers. I swear, pickling feels like cheating compared to the work involved in preserving marinara, applesauce, etc.! 🙂

A prime reason veganism isn’t in the card for me? Steel cut oatmeal with bacon and Gravenstein apple compote, courtesy of Woodlawn Coffee and my neighbors who gave me a “dogsitting thank-you” of a $50 gift card as they know I love it! (photo source)

Livin’ Dairy Free but missing the ice cream (the nondairy stuff is okay, but quite processed…), I discovered Magic One Ingredient Ice Cream – basically it’s a cut-up, frozen banana, blended, then add your favorite flavor! I had the dark chocolate, omitting the cream and using coconut milk. SO rich and luscious tasting – I can’t believe it! Perfect for a hot day like today too! (photo source)


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