Weekend in Pictures

Nice mild Friday to get over to Sauvie Island – of course my li’l buddy was along for the ride so we first stopped at the beach for a nice run on the sand and splash in the water (and yes, that’s her “throw the damn ball, you fool!” expression)…

a gorgeous – and mild – summer day greeted us – such a nice reprieve from the 90 degrees earlier in the week! Only one family there, otherwise we had the beach to ourselves – nice!

Picked up 20 lbs of pears for canning while we were out there – my pear ginger preserves are first on the agenda (no more jam this year for me, just these luscious preserves, mmm)!

Talk about yum. Tried out the A N D Cafe on East Burnside in the Mt Tabor area and wasn’t disappointed – this (photo by Yelp) is the Super Vegano Breakfast Burrito and it was so lovely. Everything is made vegan then can be adapted to GF and also vegetarian (so you can have an egg if ya want!). Great service too. Can’t wait to return!

And the best part of each August is picking up my wild salmon share from the good folks of Iliamna Fish Co. frozen this past week on their boat up in Alaska and brought down home to all of us here in Portland. 20 lbs lasts me a year – and is so much cheaper AND tastier than anything you’ll ever get at the grocery store, I promise.  This year I even got a T-shirt to celebrate 🙂

Since it was a cool day, took a short walk with Roxy along the paths of Mount Tabor nearby. Definitely a reminder of why I love my hometown 🙂

Started the evening off right with a mojito with my friend Amy at the Tin Shed and loved learning that they now can GF/DF my favorite happy hour snack, the Jammy Davis Jr – a quesadilla with sweet potato, black bean, jalapeno, cherry jam and melted cheese.  Most importantly? Great conversation with a great friend! (photo credit)

Then we were off to see The Butler, which I’d really been excited to see but now am a bit of “meh” to be honest. There were some good parts, for sure, but after digesting it all, it really seemed to try to do too much and tell too many side stories, when I think they could have dug deeper into his relationship with his wife and son, rather than go all Forrest Gump-y with the presidential encounters. Oprah was still Oprah for the most part (a bit theatrical, but did her best considering the icon she is), Forrest Whitaker did the most he could with the part (I love the guy, he is transformative), Lenny Kravitz looked stunning (can’t believe I saw him live twice looking very, very different!), Cusack was strange as Nixon, Fonda did a phenomenal job capturing the essence of Nancy Reagan, and Liev Schreiber was spot-on as LBJ. I think there were a lot of expectations on this movie and the best parts were the stories of his own life, not the presidential stuff.  Oh, and completely blown away at the rudeness of the woman (not a teenager, btw) next to me who turned on her cell phone at least five times while sitting next to me, even after I politely asked her to turn it off as it was distracting us all. (photo credit)

ahh, another perfect Sunday morning at Woodlawn Coffee, where this time I tried their new polenta with pork belly and poached egg that was out of this world. For about two seconds I thought of photographing it’s beauty then dove into the dish instead 🙂 (photo credit)

With the rain today, it was perfect weather for canning, so I blended a few recipes together to preserve 7 quarts of my very own vanilla clove pears…and DANG, they’re tasty!!

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