Weekend in Pictures

My 16 bushes of Viva Italia paste tomatoes are coming in nicely – not as many as I’d like, but still a nice giant bowl sits on my counter awaiting next steps.  Finally have some hot peppers in the garden and oodles of both red and yellow onions, so salsa ws the first order of business! I loves me some marinara but during the course of thinking aloud with my fella, I realized now that I’m gluten-free that it’s not as sensible to make a zillion quarts it like I used to. So instead, I’m going to can a bunch of whole tomatoes and postpone some of the decisionmaking!

My sweetheart and I collected a bunch of sand dollars on the beach at Gearhart during our vacation in June. This is the staged version of his niece’s excitement when he gave them to her 🙂

After about a year of living without a blender when the one I got for a Christmas present in college (yes, I said college) finally kicked the bucket, and took my friend’s recommendation and bought a BPA-free Cuisinart smoothie blender instead.  I love it because the glasses actually go on the blender so you are just making enough for the drink, then drinking it straight from there, making cleanup wayyyy easier.  So all my peach mush left over from canning the other week?  It’s a gorgeous base now for breakfast smoothies (my first one? peach puree, a banana, blueberries, 1 T flax seed meal, about 250 calories if you’re curious). YUM.

Rented Admission this weekend with Tina Fey and Paul Rudd. The movie was so-so (kind of confusing what they wanted to focus on – poor editing), but there were some funny moments and Lily Tomlin was priceless as Tina Fey’s mom in the movie. Would love to see her more in movies (I still adore her from All of Me, The Incredible Shrinking Woman, and of course, 9 to 5)! (source)

Dogsitting my neighbor’s sweet girl, Roxy, again, who is the most well behaved dog I’ve ever met. Took her to Chimney Park where it’s about 5 acres of pure joy for dogs (and happens to have really well behaved, nice dogs – and owners – not to mention a nice path and water bowls).

let the stockpiling begin!

last of the sunflowers, can you believe it!

Her favorite new resting pose while I work next to her on the sofa…

and my favorite “oy vey this is such a very Portland moment” photo captured as I sat outside of Woodlawn Coffee eating my breakfast Sunday morning as we watched someone’s errant chicken wander around the tables looking for scraps, disregarding nearby salivating dogs and hopping up to the bench (check out the guy’s expression) so nonchalantly.


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