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oh lord…a stray (?) cat seems to think it lives here now and literally comes running out to greet me when i go out into the garden each morning, rubbing up against my legs, meowing, and other forms of sweet talkin’…all white with a striped tail, i call it “raccoon cat, raccoon cat, half raccoon and half cat” (sing it for me, people…) and this weekend finally got suckered into giving it a bit of salmon. uh oh… i am NOT a cat person! sigh… don’t worry, i’m not on my way to going to the store to buy kitty litter or cat chow, it ain’t happenin’


… and it’s quite comfortable in the garden – haven’t seen a lot of attempts in the raised beds if you know what i mean but we’ll see. wondering who it belongs to or what the story is…hmm…oh and i say “it” because hell, i have no idea with cats…


well, conundrum resolved: these turned out to be three damned pumpkins, like i don’t have enough of those growing this year…but hey, i love things growing on trellises, so amen for pumpkin puree, eh?


ate my first romas of the season right off the vine like an apple…lovely…


love watching the purple and pink of the smokebush as it develops in my sweetie’s newly planted section of the garden…


more sweet relish, ooh la la, this time chock full of red peppers and of course, cukes and onions from the garden…this year it’s all about the savory…jam just doesn’t sound appealing this year…

and checked out MUD at the theater with a friend - great flick!!

and checked out Mud at the theater with a friend – great flick!! (source)


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