Week in Pictures

peaches on the dwarf tree are lookin’ good!

holy nasturtiums batman! (surrounding my sweet potato bed…I let them go a little nuts to keep the bad bugs on the flowers instead of my s/p’s!)

we’re thinking these are cucumbers so we put up a quickie trellis made from old holly branches from a couple years back….these were coming up pre-tomato in the raised beds and I knew they were either a zucchini or cuke but they’re growing a bit more cuke-y so we’ll see 🙂

crossing my fingers these tomatoes grow red and healthy (i.e., no blossom end rot!) this year! still amazed at how awesome they’re looking in early July!

these astilbe were the first shade plants I put in when I bought my house, and 7 years later continue to make me happy 🙂

knee deep in my green beans and corn area, i captured a different vantage point of my garden…scarlet runner beans going up the wall, a stray sunflower growing along the fenceline, mallow in purple just before the pepper and sweet potato beds…talk about happiness 🙂

Bee balm!

love to see my fuschias blooming!

I’m a longtime fan of Shutterfly and how fast they are at delivering printed photos – not to mention being a safe place to store photos without having them on public sites where people can right-click and steal them! Here are two of our vacation photos already proudly displayed 🙂

harvesting some young onions to make room for the bigger ones to keep growing – and YUM, by the way

rest of the garlic harvested now and curing in the sunshine for storage over the fall and winter months

my sweet peppers are struggling after the recent heat wave so I moved my little sign over near them to keep them motivated – there’s a few peppers growing though 🙂

these cherry peppers though are having the time of their lives in the other raised bed – mmm, can’t wait til they turn red!

well the volunteer zucchinis that were in the raised bed pre-tomato planting, well, they’re not zucchinis! heh. put up a quick trellis to allow climbing.

amazed at my sunflowers reaching record heights and blooming for 2 weeks now!


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