Week in Pictures

Friday kicks off with…socks? Fo’ sho’, the first order of business was joining one of my recruiting clients and his peeps for a secret surprise field trip – which turned out to be to the Sock It To Me headquarters in SE Portland, where owner Carrie gave us a tour AND we each got two pairs of rad new socks! How cool is that.  As you can see, I dig the stripes, yo.

We then cruised back to their office where lunch was on me to celebrate our new hire, with delicious bulgogi beef, short rib and chicken burritos & tacos courtesy of one of the greatest traveling food carts ever in my humble opinion, Koi Fusion. (photo credit)

After lunch I caught up with a nearby client over at Backspace, always good for an espresso that will have me awake til 3am – ugh, why I decided to have a coffee at 2pm I’ll never know… (photo credit)

Then raced home, and across the street to join the festivities across the way at Cafe Eleven, where the owners have decided to move to Ashland, so it will soon be under new management. The goodbye party was great fun, and included live music…

….and a belly dancing performance by the barista (her fella is the one in the background), who is leaving as well…I will miss your awesome laugh, Amy!!

…and of course it was essential we take pictures (that’s Sylvia, one of the departing owners, on the left)…these gals have come in and made such a wonderful impact on our section of the neighborhood and let me tell you, it’s been a long time coming as the duplex they share with Florio Bakery used to be a crackhouse…I’m looking forward to meeting the new proprietors but will still always carry a torch for Sylvia, Aga, and Amy 🙂

Spontaneously decided to paint my tiny bathroom, using some leftover sky blue Rodda no-VOC paint, then wanting to continue the evolution, fell in love with these decals. They, along with the new pop of color, add a happy feel I’m diggin’…

And while on that Car2Go errand, I popped over to Ikea and picked up this shelf and installed it over the bathroom door. I wanted to use it for towels then realized I can’t stack them without a stepladder! So it’s a fancy TP shelf – but hey, it gets the TP out of the pantry! (Yes, you can make fun of me now for doing zero preplanning!)

We’re getting excited about our upcoming holiday next month where my honey and I will be lazy beach bums, chillin’ in Manzanita, keepin’ it low key at this sweet li’l oceanfront motel.

…and as it’s been in the back of my mind, well, all my life, I’ve decided this winter I will finally pursue this idea with a bit more gusto…it felt REALLY good to say it out loud, and there’s nothing like having some down time abroad to focus on a dream I’ve never allowed myself to truly chase. (photo credit)


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