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the nice thing about being gluten & dairy free? breakfast is all about whole foods. these blueberries were picked and frozen last summer by the quart, strawberries growing in my yard, and an organic kiwi and banana for good measure. happiness.

Genovese basil coming up from seed, happy happy!

rented (& totally dug) seven psychopaths… it’s a little elmore leonard-esque in genre but i gotta say, rockwell, walken and farrell were awesome in this flick, with a great supporting cast to boot. (image source)

Sunday morning back on track at my favorite Woodlawn Coffee. It’d been a while due to the g/d/e-free diet, but I had forgotten they make an amazing oatmeal – this week’s included bacon, walnuts, and bananas. (Oatmeal has the potential to have traces of gluten in it, due to cross-contamination, but it’s not affected me thus far). My journal, the Sunday Times, nice employees, and the comforting familiarity of breakfast in my neighborhood – that’s bliss. (image source)

Yay! Tomatoes! 16 organically-grown viva italia paste tomato starts this year (due to my carelessness during the hardening-off process, I lost every single one of my starts from last year’s saved seeds, oy!), which came recommended as a good alternative to San Marzanos, and more disease-resistant. Yay!

White currants, pineapple sage, and coneflowers all growing like crazy (and don’t you love how a new layer of mulch just pretties things up?).

My favorite Sweet Tolles Italian peppers that do SO much better than the traditional sweet bell peppers in my garden (and tastes incredible), along with a serrano and cherry bomb for good measure (& heat!). In the background, scarlet runner beans are just starting to grow, and this year my plan is to have them prettyin’ up the whole back fence (and disguising it!) – hence the checkerboard lattice I gave them to climb up.

and the nasturtiums, of course, are having no problem at all coming up in the sweet potato bed…my sweet potato slips, as usual, didn’t do well so I’ll be picking up starts soon enough for this li’l bed 🙂

testing the limits of my back patio until I figure out where to place the furniture in the yard… FYI those are seven pots of lettuces, a couple tarragon in their third year, and one of green onions with a random potato that somehow made its way in there (a trickster squirrel?).

…and I’ll be dreaming about this picture of Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon in Arizona after seeing it featured in the article in today’s New York Times, Seeking Solitude (With a Guide)


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