Weekend in Pictures

Grilled catfish in my homemade cajun seasoning, atop greens from my garden, washed down with a Reverend Nat’s cider made right in my neighborhood.  Sittin’ out in the backyard watching the birds and squirrels and listening to the wind in the trees, in the shade of the early evening after a warm day. What I love.

Spent Saturday at the Dalai Lama Environmental Summit (yes, HHDL is wearing a Blazers cap)

The environmental panel that included David Suzuki, HHDL, our governor, and others was my favorite portion – yes, more than the solo talk by HHDL (I like watching the back and forth of different minds and therefore different perspectives). And…I’m now completely starstruck by Suzuki. “Media fragments our interconnectivity” and “we are embedded in nature” were two favorite quotes of his.

Our awesome Congressman Earl Blumenauer meeting HHDL. A longtime environmental advocate, he recently introduced the powerful Balancing Food, Farm, and Environment Act to Modernize Conservation Priorities.

“Peaceful life, peaceful mind is source of happiness, not money”. This is where HHDL had the biggest impact to me. His focus on the environment was extremely big picture, so no specific ideas were shared. While the summit was an interesting experience, I wasn’t completely bowled over, to be honest, and probably wouldn’t do it again if I had the opportunity. He had a laugh that lit up the Coliseum but I saw a lot of hero-worshipers which freaks me out in any context.

And while I’ve never been a fan of organized religion, taking part in the Tibetan traditional ceremony of offering up then donning the white scarf (kata), symbolizing purity of intention and aspiration, was powerful.

The day ended with a performance by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who I had no idea would be there. Earlier in the afternoon, Anthony Kiedis, along with film director Darren Aronofsky, presented audience-tweeted questions to the HHDL, which to me was the most boring part of the afternoon – it was less focused on Compassion (the theme) or even Environment and more on overall spirituality.

The best part? The kids all ran down to the main floor, the old folks left the building, and I had the entire row of chairs to put my feet up and chill while hearing RHCP. They’re definitely not the band they were 20 years ago, and Frusciante’s absence is obvious, but they put a valiant effort in and I stayed til they finally went pre-Californication and did “Give it Away” as their encore (awesome media shot HERE that will take you back, I promise). I gotta say? 3:30pm shows rock. 🙂


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