Weekend in Pictures

my first year with pink tulips…happy happy!

new adirondack chairs – heaven (and a big improvement from  camp chairs used for the past 3 years!)

the slope of my front yard, beginning to come to life

eco-friendly stain and sealant, courtesy of the good folks at the Green Depot, to go on my newly power-washed deck (gotta take advantage of this sunshine!)

welcoming back gluten by way of an organic hamburger bun…reintroducing gluten made me very tired, but tasted very good…(my bbq turkey burger is a favorite – mix bbq sauce with ground turkey, scallions and herbs and you’ve got tasty patties for the grill)

i’m fascinated by mushrooms, these ones growing up against one of the raised beds…they say it’s a good sign, so i leave them alone

as i can’t mow a cover crop in a raised bed before digging it into the soil, i did the sensible thing – i gave it a haircut! it’s now covered in compost and cooking for a bit longer before tomatoes go in around Memorial Day – it’s like making stew, worth the wait…

planting sunflower seeds fills my need for instant gratification in the garden – these will be planted along the fenceline this year to provide a new decoration of sorts in the back yard

what i look forward to all year long…

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