Week in Pictures

starting off the weekend getting a gorgeous bouquet of tulips from my honey?  perfect!  (oh and they were delivered by Organic Bouquet – check ’em out!)

walking home, love how the sky always inspires me…

Dinner at Breakside with a friend where the spinach salad with prosciutto, mushrooms and sauteed onions? did a grrl good – especially as i complete week one of the g/d/e-free regimen! (photo source)

what got me up each morning

this helps too…

love the first poking out of rhubarb!

thank you spinach & kale for producing through the winter, woo hoo!

planted three kinds of onions and two kinds of carrots this weekend in my raised beds, yayyy!

peach blossoms on my dwarf tree – hoping they’ll mature all the way this year!

homemade veggie meatballs made with sweet potato, onions, garlic, bell pepper, spinach, carrots, corn and gluten-free panko. served with a side of my serrano pepper jelly for dipping – MWAH!

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