Week in Pictures

I think winter teased us for about a week here in Portland. Otherwise, it’s a strange thing feeling bypassed.  Snowdrops are about to blossom, other small buds peeking out of the ground, garlic a couple inches high, a new crop of kale coming up unabashedly, and the forecast in the mid 40’s and even some 50’s over the next few weeks.  Stuh-range, but I know this: 2013 has good things in store.

big love for cafe eleven‘s croissant breakfast sandwich (photo credit)

attended Portland Nursery‘s Modern Gardening in the Northwest workshop. Not many ideas garnered from it, as it was more lecture than interactive, unfortunately, BUT it did get me out into the backyard immediately after to do some cleanup on a fairly mild January day. (photo credit)

long lazy chat with my sweetheart, daydreaming about my upcoming WWOOF’ing expedition to the Bellarine Peninsula, learning and working and enjoying the sunshine!  (photo credit)

Buried myself in this awesome book for my Women’s Health class. Seriously adore the content of this class, as it explores women’s health from a holistic (rather than merely biological) perspective.  I am diggin’ taking this type of class in my late 30’s as I have SO much perspective nowadays that I never had before.  I will be writing a wellness blog post soon about some of the things I’ve learned and how it’s affecting my own self-care. (photo source)

Every Sunday, I grab a window seat with my breakfast plate and cappuccino at Woodlawn Coffee, do some writing, maybe a little reading, and get centered for the upcoming week. I cherish this time.


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