Week in Pictures

Crushin' on our new trellis wire that Dan put up in place of the old horizontal deck railing

Crushin’ on our new deck trellis that Dan put up in place of the old horizontal railing in the front for our new jasmine to climb on. It was the last day of sunshine before the rain came in so we ran over to Home Depot for 14 gauge wire and eye screws and created this for under $10.


Continuing on my series of serious gazes by my husband and dog, here we find them working on his bike in the garage when the clouds came in…


Loving watching the first buds on our blueberry plants and the tiny bit of dew on them. After losing our older bushes last year to rust disease that came back a second time, we’re starting over in a different area and hoping for the best!


It’s the little things…found some cool hooks at Garden Fever for our frequently-used garden gloves and knee pads that have been crowding out the drawer.


Woo hoo! Potatoes are off and running!


My second favorite part of the process after the actual blooming: sunflower seeds emerging from the ground. I like to start them in pots so that I don’t forget where I planted them!


Madly in love with our first tulips!!! After much needed rain this weekend refilled our rain barrel and cistern, everything is growing happily!


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