Weekend retreat

So I’ve been posting pictures all weekend of the coast I escaped to for the past four days, and below are a few more.  My self-designed retreat brought forth a lot of emotion and words and images, and arriving home, I feel a strange sense of unfamiliarity.  There is a road I am now on, in several areas of my life, where I have to place my trust in the ambiguity and know it is leading to somewhere beautiful.  It’s got to.

stopping through Clatskanie, the birthplace of Raymond Carver

the cappuccino (my standby drink) to begin a morning passing through Astoria

breakfast at the Astoria Coffee House & Bistro, where I had a tasty biscuit & omelet, and a table by the window, perfect for writing in my journal and getting some quiet.  who knew astoria was so cool!

Looking out my front door at Coast Cabins in Manzanita – nice private sanctuary, too bad there wasn’t sunshine to enjoy!

waking up to this was nice, i gotta say (needless to say, i didn’t sleep well during this retreat, not because of the venue, simply because of my own restlessness)

gorgeous upstairs bedroom in the “tower” – while the bathrobe was heavenly, seeing the second one next to it made me quite emotional, to put it mildly.

getting ready to spread my sweet girl’s ashes as i walked down the path in the forest at oswald west state park, heading down to short sands beach

walking down Laneda into town, managed to snap a short of the one clear evening (it rained most of the rest of my stay) when I first arrived in Manzanita

Enjoyed two breakfasts at Bread & Ocean – the first, pumpkin crepes with maple mascarpone filling; the second, a lovely cardamom cinnamon roll and chai. (photo credit)

loved this tree stump in the forest…

and of course, the ocean, the ocean, the ocean

i love watching the littlest of birds … these ones, fluttering about on the beach in Manzanita

after tweaking my lower back on Sunday, I’m now in hellish pain, so today on my way home, i convinced a tree dude on sauvie island to saw a noble fir down for me – and no, i’m not feeling festive, but i was craving the smell of evergreen in my home. not that i’ll get anything in my stocking, but hey, i could use a GOOD surprise to make up for the recent tears, don’t you agree?


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