Week in Pictures

woo hoo! new hair! some rockin’ color! and yes, this is your only hint for now!

and speaking of red, here’s praying these girls will turn an appropriately awesome shade as well…word on the streets is if you put them in a box with a banana, it’ll help turn ’em red, but i ain’t got no ‘nanas…

anybody remember these? well for a few select special peeps, i got out the ol’ chocolatier hat & made a very special batch of truffles (nope, bittersweet is not back, just making a guest appearance to spoil some, barter with others) – forgot how these can make one buckle in the knees at the very first taste, mm-hmm!

picked up the dvd of hereafter, which i adore

Trying seed saving for the first time from my two favorites grown this year in the garden. Here’s the instructions I’m going off of. Crossing fingers!

First foray into making Green Tomato Pickles, or, AKA (in honor of my dad), TomPicks. SUPER easy to make & no waterbath required. Awesome!

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