Week in Pictures

marinated red bell peppers from the garden that includes some homegrown garlic tossed in for good measure. the fact that i grew enough to can as well as eat fresh is a big deal – that’s a banner year for Oregon sweet peppers 🙂

such a simple design but something i never considered with my own square stepping stones. ideas!!

nights are cooling off so i’ve got my old windows keeping my sweet potatoes warm so they’ll grow!

madly in love with my kitchen now that i’ve torn out the icky vinyl black & white tiles and exposed the pretty fir floors underneath! the runner, by the way, is by mad mats, and is made from recycled plastic bottles – great underfoot and perfect for wiping up spills! (oh, pssst!  see my new bosch dishwasher? love it!

still blossoms in october! my fuschias, roses, society garlic, pineapple sage, aster, & rosemary are all still loving our harvest weather!

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