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Sigh of relief…it’s autumn, and the 90 degree weather is gone..welcome 72 degrees of perfection!  My favorite temperature has always been “room temperature”, so bring it on…

These days it’s all about the harvest, and as I’ve finished harvesting the onions and carrots, my chard is still happily growing and the tomatoes are still coming in nicely.  I’m impatient for my sweet potatoes, and got ants in me pants for the apples to come – a trip out to Hood River for some Granny Smiths makes me dreamy…

Anyhoo.  This weekend looked kinda liked this…

an underrated yet sweet romantic comedy, the movie Sabrina was one of the movies that inspired me to go to Paris a few years later. My favorite line… “I sat in a cafe drank coffee and wrote nonsense in a journal, then suddenly it was not nonsense – I went for long walks and I met myself in Paris. You seem embarassed by loneliness – but you see, it’s only a place to start.”

two of my favorite neighborhood fellas who live just a few houses down 🙂

my favorite backyard fixin’s – garden veggies and a good ‘zine

speaking of veggies – my carrots came out in all shapes and sizes this year! next year -MORE!

went over to see my buddy and his wife’s digs down the street to have my ducksitting orientation for next week while they’re out of town, and they are growing some amazing stuff. this is flour corn which they use to make polenta (inspiration alert!)

and holy cow, they are growing quinoa! in the front yard! how awesome! i was clueless about what it looked like “in the wild”! haha – learn somethin’ new every day!

and amarynth as well, which he’s having greater success with – looks like more ideas for next year, and THIS link is a good intro to growing it + quinoa

love their front yard garden – and yes, those are masses of greens – YUM

dude, that is one big ass gourd. and yes, that is my foot next to it for perspective 🙂

and one of the ladies I’ll be looking after – aka the Golden Girls (although they are actually khaki colored)

finally got a copy of It Happened One Night on dvd…love these two in action…


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