Week in Pictures

The brunt of the last week involved preparing and then enduring the oh-so-fun project of having my roof replaced.  Not a simple layer, but a full-on, tear-off, discover-a-fifth-layer-and-a-ton-of-water-damage-requiring repair type of job.  The kind that made me sigh in relief that I just got paid from a client because, as those know who’ve had this kind of work done, overages are a bitch.

BUT honestly?  I’m so relieved (and grateful for the financial resources) that it’s almost done – they come back tomorrow to finish the shingles – as it was literally TONS of old nasty roofing that had to come down, and now my house is going to be SO much happier with all that weight off of it, not to mention I’ll finally be protected from the elements.

takin’ all FIVE layers off my roof to make room for a new one (we thought there were “only” four…cha-ching!)

kind of funny to see how tiny my garden looks! (yes, i got up on the ladder to get a look at everything)

yum, years of water damage (cha-ching!)

can i hear a collective gasp as we look at my backyard after day one? here’s one cool thing though: ALL of the old shingles & other debris gets recycled (ground up and used for roads) – coolness!!

the inside of my home is a mess as well! actually, it’s my renter’s room downstairs. yikes.  going solo again in october, just before my honey gets here 🙂

on an awesome note, yay for more tomatoes! i made a new version of my marinara, this time soaking cloves, peppercorn, and cinnamon sticks in the brew for 2 hours before canning them….mmm tasty!

I also made my first ever batch of granola! This concoction is made from oats, pumpkin seeds, almonds, dried bing cherries, tamari sunflower seeds, tasmanian honey, vanilla, and cinnamon. another MMM.

picked up a can of Metro’s recycled paint to put a nice new coat on my front porch – only $11.99 and as eco-friendly as you can possibly get!

My cucumbers have all come in about this size.  It was a stressful summer, poor things.  Good, but hmm.

escaped the normal places for vegan breakfast this morning at Vita Cafe, where I had the fairly tasty Thai Corn Cake (w/ cilantro, bananas, ginger + coconut syrup on the side for good measure). photo credit

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