Week in Pictures

There were other things, like cinnamon french toast with a friend & business partner, and climbing under my deck to pull out an evil ailanthus trying to get started, and my duran duran workout at the gym…but here are a few shots i snapped along the way this lovely, lovely weekend (did i say lovely?  77 degrees today. lovely).

my siamese donut shaped tomato – not what i envisioned heirloom to look like, hahahaha

i am loving the harvesting of dry scarlet runner beans right off the vine – how pretty they are and how easy they are to shell – even while watching tv!

this sunday morning was spent, for a change, over at barista with a beautiful cappuccino and ham & cheese croissant – and of course, my beloved journal

the smirk that i adore 🙂

checking out India Fest with friends downtown – beautiful, musical, colorful, and delicious!

beautiful silly girls on a sunday afternoon 🙂

my friend getting a gorgeous henna tattoo


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