Week in Pictures

Woo hoo! EMSWCD‘s Native Plant Sale pickup day was Saturday morning so we biked over to get our annual fill on Northwest natives at incredible prices, including salal, red flowering currant, red osier dogwood, oxalis, wild ginger, red columbine and more!

Hubby holds the groundcovers, all rolled up individually in this bag. We grabbed coffee then raced home to take advantage of a sunny Saturday for planting!

We planted two native salal shrubs from the sale and put them in a great shady spot near the garage – can’t wait til they get big and share their berries!

We bought 2 more salmonberries and divided our other one and moved them next to the salal – yum yum!! Love seeing those first buds on the branches!

And the crocuses are growing and happy happy happy! Nothing like knowing there are good things hiding underground waiting to come out and bloom!

But we didn’t stay in the garden the whole time. At the end of the weekend I kicked off my new biking exercise regimen accompanying my husband on his commute to work (since I work from home, my commute is nonexistent now so I thought this would get me back into a healthy habit), and we stopped by to admire this monstrous copper beech tree in the Irvington neighborhood which is a hundred years old and measures 21′ around. This photo I snapped doesn’t do it justice!

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