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So, first I’ll make everyone in the rest of the country jealous.  Our temperatures have been solidly in the 60’s and 70’s these past couple of weeks, and next week anticipates staying in the mid-70’s.  I don’t care what people say, 75 degrees is absolutely perfect.  Dude, I already have 6 or 7 zucchinis on the vine.  Whoa.

Who says having a renter in your basement can’t be totally awesome? I’ve got a barista-slash-IT dude making me cappuccinos each morning til his house is ready on the other side of town. This morning I even got an omelette made from my neighbor’s duck eggs, new garlic, Tillamook cheese, and fresh spinach.  It’s like vacation, haha.  And hey he’s a nice guy to boot. This coming week I have a costume designer moving in the other downstairs bedroom who’s working on the show Portlandia. I love the diversity of folks who’ve rented the rooms in my house over the years!!

My newly planted Double Delight roses are digging this perfect P-town weather. It’s been nearly a year since my grandma’s passing and this favorite of hers always reminds me of the roses she had in her backyard a mile down the road. And they smell delicious 🙂

After a great breakfast with a new friend I met at the Sustainability & Mindfulness Zen workshop a couple weeks back, then sweating to the new wave at my gym, I headed out on an Ikea field trip with my roomie to find stuff for his house. In return for helping? A killer dinner at Three Doors Down in SE Portland. I had three appetizers comprised of beautiful scallops, string beans with prosciutto & gorgonzola, and ricotta gnocchi – and a glass of Valpolicella to accompany it.This shot is peeking out at the rainy streets (I have big love for summer rain) from our table at the bar.

And because I try to be a good roommate, hee hee hee, I had to make sure he tried out Pix Patisserie‘s desserts in NoPo before they close their doors at the end of July (they’re moving to the other side of town, but I just say they’ll be dead to me, haha).  This is the Jubilee – “Champagne mousse layered with strawberry compote and kirsch-soaked pistachio sponge cake, finished with bruléed Italian meringue“.

Spent Sunday puttering around my house & garden, then ended it with a good friend who just returned from Puerto Rico, and is now headed off on her next adventure in Kona, Hawaii! So happy for her! Photo credit here

I can’t say enough for how life’s twists and turns continue to amaze me.  I am in a tremendous time of transition in my life, and have found some amazing allies – not to mention realized who doesn’t have my back.  Others I love are going through this as well, and I don’t feel like the only one because of this.

And, as my friend quoted tonight as we sat out on my deck chatting, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”


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