Week in Pictures

holy yumyum i love this...my favorite sushi place, yama - spicy tuna, spicy scallop, salmon skin, and albacore

hardening off my tomato seedlings, woo hoo!

captured this from my favorite seat in my favorite cafe

quiet end of a Saturday that involved weeding, sunshine, and pickin' up a new li'l black dress (what, you think i only live in the garden?)

Sunday morning had me riding all over the 'hood, from the gym to picking up a Ziptruck to the store to checking out the Earth Day festivities at PCC. One heck of a warm up - 82 degrees!

early potatoes in full swing in the new raised bed I built between mine and my neighbor's driveways

shoveled an entire ziptruckload of hemlock bark into the driveway, then added a sweet new layer to the front yard...o happy day and o my aching back 🙂

looking up, my lilacs are just getting ready to bloom...and check out that blue sky! i end this weekend with rosy cheeks and gratitude for alba vanilla 18 sunscreen!


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