Week in Pictures

and – BAM! – fall is here.

yesterday?  muggy, sunny, in the mid-80s.  house in near-sauna conditions at a non-soothing 79. today?  rainy, blustery, patches of sun then pouring, and 64 degrees.  ahhh…

no complaints to be honest.  i hate being too hot (unless i’m nearly nekkid on a tropical beach).  i’m a northwest girl who fits in very well in the gray, where in the fall it’s still warm enough for me to ride my bike around town, feeling raindrops on my nose but no bitter cold icing my ears into li’l cubes.

it was one of those sundays i love so much, that those who’ve read my blog understand – this is where i get zen.  went a bit like so…

woke up 7am, decided not to stare at the ceiling and just got up. house down to 75 degrees.

craigslist ‘selling crap out of my garage’ business doing well – had buyers for my bike trailer (bought a year ago, never used) and my ‘camping set’ (tent + 2 sleeping bags).  did this quietly cuz why?  ah yes, i don’t fit the stereotypical ‘weekend warrior’ of many northwesterners.  i don’t shop at REI and i don’t camp.  not that i have anything against it, we did it so much growing up including 10 mile backpacking trips into the wilderness. so we bought a pretty tent back in marital days and went to san simeon (near hearst castle).  even with an inflatable mattress?  miserable.  feels lame to say that but without a proper setup at this age, i don’t have incredible motivation to go camping.  someday someone will have a great soft something-or-other to sleep on and we can sleep under the stars and i will be good to go.  until then…i’m thirty bucks richer.  (plus it’s one less remnant from my past life, yay!).

alright already, here are today’s views from my world…


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