Week in Pictures

little green moments on a gray saturday…spent the morning volunteering at the fix-it fair at the local high school, talking to the community about ways to be more conscious about how and how much they consume, ways to avoid creating waste, and general education and outreach about reusing, recycling, gardening, whatever we wanted to talk about.  just getting my little eco-high and learning from those around me, then wandering over to my favorite little cafe to park on their sofa and read for a bit before walking home, music in my ears and the chill of the air making my cheeks rosy and my lips a little numb.  

things i learned from my community today…

* you can grow sesame plants here in oregon. silly me, i never imagined what sesame plants looked like!  a lady who stopped by my table said i could find them at asian stores.

* easy way to dry out your ziplock bags after you wash them?  fill a jar with sand and stick chopsticks or dowels in the sand and hang the bags off of them.  cool huh!  and yes, if you want you can buy a similar apparatus (“bag e wash”) for $20 but hell, this is way awesome-r.

* i love doing all of this.

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