Weekend in Pictures

Today was one of those where everything was clickety click right for me.  Field trip in the morning with my Master Recyclers' class to Free Geek, SCRAP, Community Warehouse, and The Rebuilding Center.  A few of us girls met at the cafe across the street from my house first before our tours began, and then ended at a local pizza pub.  Came home, rode over to pick up my ferns from the native plant sale, hit the library for some books, tossed a bag of dog food in the basket and wove down side streets home in the sunshine.  A few good hours in the garden and ending the day watching Mad Men and Casablanca on DVD with my new (super cool) roomie?  And knowing I have a semblance of something in my life called intuition that kicks me in the arse and tells me what is right for Me?  Well, hell.  It’s a start.

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